Let's make a list...

It's challenging for me to describe myself in paragraphs. So allow me to do it through a list. I love making lists anyways. Anyone else?

1. I'm from Argentina. Parents are from Paraguay. I'm now a US Citizen. I consider all those countries my home. 

2. I speak Spanish and English. But I adore languages. I love learning. I can understand some Portuguese but I will gladly take some classes again. 

3. I've been teaching for about 16 years. My experience ranges from teaching 1st and 2nd graders in a dual language classroom, to teaching ELLs only to now teaching and collaborating with other teachers as their ELL coach. 

4. Food is my weakness. I will work out hard so that I can enjoy life. Burpees don't scare me at all. 

5. Reading is my world. I would suffer from reading hangover...you know, those mornings where you stayed up to too late reading a book that you just. couldn't. put.down. 

6. When my passport was being processed, I suffered from mayor anxiety. That is, I believe one should always be ready to travel. I've been to 10 countries but would love to complete 10 more in the next 5 years.

7. Sunsets and sunrises: they never get old. 

8. Everything I understand about teaching & learning is because a child taught me so. They are my foundation.