Welcome to my blog where I document my learning in teaching, coaching, language and culture. During the school year, I have the honor of working with the best of two worlds. Part of my day, I work alongside with English language learners in the classroom part of my day. The other part of my day, I get to share it with wonderful colleagues as we sit down together, providing instructional coaching, brainstorming possibilities together or just listening. 

This is How We Do It

2017 continues to bring us wonderful books and this one just stole my heart. This is How We Do It by Matt Lamothe welcomes you to the day in the lives of seven kids from around the world. When you open the book, first you'll see a beautiful world map that put the children's countries on the map. From there, the book takes you on a journey the Italy, Japan, Uganda, Russia, Peru, India and Iran. Each child gets to share different aspects of their lives that include:

  • Where they live
  • Who they live with
  • What they wear to school
  • What they eat for breakfast
  • How they go to school
  • How they learn

And the pages continue. It's so realistic, with beautiful illustrations and it provides such a global point of view of the world. 

And when you get to the end of the book, the author surprises us with a photographs of the families whose lives were just shared throughout the book. 

“While none of these kids can be representative of their country or culture, this genuine glimpse into their daily lives can reveal wonderful insights about lifestyles and traditions that my differ from our own”
— Matt Lamothe

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